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Review of The Sleeping World by Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes

Hello Readers,
After reading The Sleeping World by Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes I think it can be described in one word gritty. This book took you in the back alleys of spain and other major cities.  You were among groups of people who believe so strongly in their values that they are giving up everything else to make their voices heard. The story takes you among a group of friends who have chosen to be together but it really feels like they were thrown together and now they have to deal with the hand that fate has dealt them.  
Mosca is the main character and she is weighed down by guilt, anger, and uncertainty, and above all she is determined to figure out the mystery about her brother who "disappeared" two ago by being taken by the police.  Mosca and her friends commit an act that steps over the line and because of what they have done it sets into motion events that can never be taken back. If Mosca wants to find her brother she must give up the life she knows and pull from he…

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