Review of A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza

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Where do I start on a review for this book? A Place For Us was an unexpected journey of a book. Fatima Farheen Mirza took on the subjects of family, motherhood, siblings, religion, love, friendship, and so much more with crystal clear honesty and thought-provoking writing. Farheen Mirza's transition through time and place is so unique and seamless. I never felt lost or confused when she transitioned to a memory in the past. She wrote about grief as though she had taken the thoughts and emotions directly from the private thoughts of anyone who has ever suffered a loss. I would love to know how she was able to write about motherhood in such a way that she took so many of the emotions I have experienced as a mother and put them into writing for me. There is one particular storyline in the book that after I finished reading it I needed to set the book down because Mirza's writing was so true that it hurt my heart a little to continue reading. This is literary fiction at its finest and a beautiful novel.
"What is the use of all this living if we don't stop once in awhile to notice what is actually happening..." Page 16

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